Crunchyroll #52: Shokugeki no Anime- Attack on Titan

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I mean, yeah, what better things do two girls have to do on the weekend than to pretend they’re living in a Titan-infested environment where they desperately need to cook themselves a meal? That is how I found myself last Saturday, competing with my best friend to see who could come up with a better survival meal in the Attack on Titan universe. We filmed the whole thing out in the open, keeping with the wilderness theme, and let me tell you… we got some strange looks from my neighbors. Apparently, two girls chatting casually about slaughtering their horses and indulging in light cannibalism to a camera isn’t quite normal around here.

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Crunchyroll #45: Shokugeki no Anime- Boruto

This week we’re doing something a little new! I go head to head with my BFF to make the best Boruto Burrito!

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Are you a fan of Boruto? This week, my roommate (Sarah) and I threw down over this show, competing to see who could make the best Boruto-themed burrito, a la Shokugeki no Soma or Iron Chef. Though we have very different opinions of this show, the results of our efforts were extremely tasty.

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