Crunchyroll # 38: Spanish Omelette from Seiren

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Honestly, never before in my long and varied experience with anime has a food dish overshadowed the very anime it comes from. I mean, guys, let’s be honest. Seiren┬áis a nice slice-of-lifey show about college-age kids who are all trying to just find a true and honest relationship with one another. Theoretically, if we’re going by the most neutral description possible. And let’s be real- there are some sweet stories. It tries to be sexy and cool. And I’ve actually been pleasantly impressed by the amount of food in this show. But who cares about ANY of that when they introduce the SPANISH OMELETTE, the sexiest thing I’ve seen this entire anime, possibly the best food of all, and, I would argue the REAL BEST GIRL of this anime???

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