Vampire’s Blood from Owari No Seraph (Or any Vampire anime ever)

Halloween is swiftly approaching, and the days are getting more and more spooky. Meanwhile, the new season of Owari No Seraph has just started, and Mika is struggling yet again with his vampire longing for blooooooood. So tragic! Que triste! I’m throwing a Halloween party in a few weeks, so I need a fancy beverage to serve, and this anime gave me a great idea. What if I serve blood at my party?

Eh? Eh? Good idea, right??? Who wouldn’t want a nice goblet full of blood to drink from?

Making blood-like drinks is always kind of difficult. It’s sort of a toss up between getting something with good flavor, or getting something that actually looks like blood. It’s hard to obtain the color whilst still preserving the flavor. After a lot of research, I narrowed it down to two recipes: One that is basically a very loose Jell-O drink, and the other that tasted good, but looked kind of meh. I decided to go with the latter, as drinking a glass full of watered down Jell-O didn’t seem that appealing to me, and I knew I could fix the color with a little food dye.


Poor Mika. Cry evertim. Let’s learn how to drink his blood… Continue reading