Strawberry Shortcake from Every Anime Ever

Strawberries are great.

Once I biked to the Farmer’s Market in my town and bought some perfectly ripe strawberries to eat with a little bit of whipped cream. It’s one of my favorite things to eat! So I got home, and I balanced the box of berries on my bike seat to lock up my bike with both hands. Big mistake. The box plopped over onto the ground and I unleashed an ear-piercing scream and started to cry a little bit as I salvaged all the berries I could. So, you can surmise from this that I LOVE strawberries, probably an unhealthy amount. Even I cringe at the mental image of my person hunched over crushed berries on the ground, pawing through them like I’ll never see a whole berry again.

In my defense, strawberries are delectable when perfectly ripe, little splashes of color and flavor that instantly brighten up any meal. I’m not alone in this belief. The British are particularly well known for their love of strawberries and cream, and if anime is anything to go by, the Japanese also love strawberry shortcake. A strawberry shortcake is as a strawberry shortcake does, so today I am going to focus on copying the appearance of the strawberry shortcake found in Ouran High School Host Club. However, you can copy this recipe and just adapt the appearance to whatever anime you are cooking for.


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