Shinobu’s Donuts from Monogatari Series

Everyone loves a good donut. I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who didn’t like donuts. True story. That being said, I’ve always wanted to try making donuts. There’s a sort of allure connected with a big pot of boiling hot oil…it’s dangerous, untried, and can result in hospitalization, but if I were to master it…much deliciousness would ensure.¬†So, I grabbed the metaphorical vampire by the fangs and got out my canola oil.

Shinobu is one of my favorite characters in this series. She’s pretty hard core, has a really interesting past, and looks great at any age. Basically, everything I aspire to be. I even took a mini pilgrimage to Mister Donuts when I was in Japan last summer to commemorate her love for the sweet treat. If you think about it, donuts are a great metaphor for Shinobu. Sweet-looking on the outside, but born from the flames of a thousand burning pots of oil. Er….does that make any sense? Whatever. My point is, making donuts is dangerous, just like Shinobu, but you’ll get a great payoff if you just put a little effort in (like how she gives Araragi temporary Vamp powers). Eh? Maybe this metaphor is falling a little flat….unlike donuts which are puffy. Heheheheh.

Below is my reference picture:


There are quite a lot of donuts to choose from, so for today I opted to make the French Crullers, both the chocolate dipped and the plain. You can find the original recipe here.

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