Gyudon from Kyoukai no Kanata, Steins;Gate, and Shokugeki no Soma

As a college student, I can relate to Mirai. She is really poor, is always looking for money to buy new food, and always eats A TON. We’re basically the same person. Besides the whole, you know, blood sword thingy she’s got going on. That’s pretty unsual, but I could cut off a finger or something and make a pretty convincing cosplay using my own blood. I’d slowly bleed out and probably die, but you know, cosplaying is SERIOUS BUSINESS. Ok, is that too gross to think about? I’m grossing myself out…


One thing Mirai eats in the series is Gyudon, which literally means beef bowl. The reason she eats this is because Gyudon is really really inexpensive in Japan. It’s made with the cheapest cut of beef, simmered down to be tender and juicy in a delicious slightly sweet-salty broth. In face, this dish is so popular in Japan it can be found in a number of other anime, notably Steins;Gate (right) ¬†and Shokugeki no Soma (left).

The thing about this dish is that it’s AMAZING. It tastes so good and is incredibly satisfying. It’s definitely one of those comfort foods, and since I’m cold on the West Coast and missing Japan, I’m going to make it for the blog here today. Below is the Gyudon we’ll be recreating.

kyokai no kanata

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