Hanami Dango from Katanagatari

Confession time. I, unlike Shichika, am no master in the art of anything, least of all dango-making. It turns out that dango is HARD to make. It seems so deceptively simple! There are very few ingredients, the cooking method simply requires you to place dumplings in boiling water, and there are no sauces or extras you need to complete the dish. It should be foolproof! Well, call me a fool because I don’t really think I mastered it.


Let’s first talk about this show. I finished it awhile ago with my best friend, Sarah, and I loved it! I like the art, I like the story, I LOVE Shichika and Togame. I could go on. But why should I? The ending was a blow to my heart, a punch in the stomach, a heartless, if necessary, final act. I liked the ending, but I felt severe loss nonetheless. Did anyone else feel this way? Also why is Shichika constantly sporting the WEED on his clothes? (Just kidding, I know it’s a maple leaf. But you have to admit…it looks suspicious.)

Anyway, my best friend just left me to go study abroad in Spain, and so I thought I should make a commemorative dish this week to celebrate her departure (And mourn her loss. Goodbye forever, Sarah. *single tear* See you in Korea.). I wanted the dish to be simple, and hanami dango match the season. In the episodes, you see Togame and Shichika eat them in episode 4, and then they’re eaten again in the last episode. They’re traditionally sakura flower viewing food (so spring time food), and it’s spring now so I thought it would be appropriate. Sadly, I learned that there’s a lot I don’t know about making dango. Learn from my mistakes.


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