Purple DRANK from Kaiba

Oh man, my intrepid readers. It has been a long week. A long month. A long quarter! I’m so ready for vacation. My mind wants to sink endlessly into the velvety nothingness of a Netflix binge session. Or, better yet, I would love to marathon the end of Ore Monogatari, which I still have to do!!!

What better way to relax than to drink a very delicious beverage? I recently re-watched one of my favorite anime, Kaiba. Have any of you seen this show? It’s frickin amazing, 10/10, A++ highly recommend. There’s a part of the show where the main character is…**SPOILER ALERT**



So I thought I would recreate the noxious beverage as a salute to my busy busy quarter and my deep, deep need to relax.

kaiba drink 2

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