Caprese Salad from Jojo’s Part 4

One of my fondest memories of travelling abroad as a little girl was this fantastic dish I had one night in a restaurant with my parents in Mexico. It was a salad made only of tomatoes and cheese, but the tomatoes were packed with flavor, and the mildness of the cheese paired with the stunning tomatoes took the whole dish to a higher level. This salad was probably one of the first things I ever ate that made me really interested in what exactly I was eating. I immediately asked my mom for the name of the dish, and she told me it was a Caprese salad.

It wasn’t until just now that I wonder what we were doing at an Italian restaurant in Mexico, because Caprese is an Italian dish. Caprese is a light, flavorful, and easy summer dish to make, and it’s clear to see why Tonio would choose to make it. The ingredients are simple, but the whole dish is instantly elevated when you use the best of the best ingredients you can find combined with an effervescent dressing that lightens the meaty combination of thick slices of cheese and tomato. Incidentally, that is exactly the kind of dressing Tonio writes a recipe for in chapter 304, so I decided to give his recipe measurements, so people at home could try it out.

caprese jojos

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Pasta Puttanesca from Jojo’s Part 4

Goooood morning! It’s a lovely day in my part of the world. Today I’m making pasta puttanesca! I first heard about this type of pasta from A Series of Unfortunate Events, where Count Olaf forces the Baudelaire siblings to make dinner for his theater group, and they end up making pasta puttanesca because the ingredients are cheap and they hadn’t got a lot of money. I LOVED that book series as a child, so, when I saw this recipe in Jojo’s, I thought that I had to give it a try.

Let me just tell you, this recipe is really good. Honestly, it’s quite simple to make and results in a tasty and delicious pasta. Also, the ingredients are fairly cheap, so it shouldn’t break the bank. Funnily enough, this type of pasta actually originated for its cheapness. Prostitutes in Italy used to make it because the ingredients were cheap and  it smelled so good. Apparently, they would set it out on windowsills to draw in male customers.  I made a whole recipe’s worth for myself and have been eating it all week long, so it’s a great meal that will last you for the week. Read on below for a full recipe with measurements and things.

puttanesca jojos

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