Katsudon or Katsu-don’t? That is the Question.

The answer is Katsudon. Obviously. The very name rings with power. This creation, a rice bowl topped with soft onions, egg, tonkatsu, and a sweet broth, is the ultimate Japanese comfort food. It’s pretty typically seen in both Japanese anime and live-action dramas as a quick, cheap meal, one detectives often eat when they are in a hurry. Alternatively, detectives in Japanese dramas also eat it when they’re questioning a suspect, or they use it as a sort of bribe. If the suspect talks, they get the katsudon. Presumably, the lure of a tasty, hearty, and filling meal is enough to break anyone’s resolve.

Hataraku Maou-Sama uses this very technique! Alsiel downs his katsudon with ferver, accepting the bribe whole-heartedly.


I actually distinctly remember eating this dish on two occasions. Once, my first time, when I thought it would be impressive to order the same thing as a boy I liked despite that it has egg, which, if you didn’t read my last post, I really hate. I remember being so surprised at how good it was! I gobbled it up. Despite probably looking like a heathen at how fast I downed my first katsudon, that guy still thought it would be a good idea to date me, so it’s nice that worked out.

The second time I ate it was actually my first night in Japan, when I went there for an internship last summer. It was during the rainy season, so it was damp and humid out, and I was feeling jet lagged and out of place, but when I got my katsudon, that all fell away. I felt so much happier with a warm meal, and got a great night’s sleep after that (although Japanese pillows are kinda weird).

For me, the katsudon is full of good memories, so I did my best to recreate it! Read on for the recipe 🙂


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