Crunchyroll #103: Breakfast Sandwich from “Free! Eternal Summer”

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A lot of people like Free! Eternal Summer, and the Free! franchise in general, for the fanservice specifically directed toward those who appreciate the finely sculpted muscles of a man’s chest. I, on the other hand, have started to watch if for a different reason: that sweet, sweet food porn.


That’s right, folks, I’m along for the pretty animation and the gorgeous color palattes, but what really roped me in was the way Rin ate his breakfast sandwich.


Come on, that was the sexiest finger-licking I’ve ever seen, and I’ll happily go to war to defend my position. The artists and animators didn’t have to include that beautiful gush of egg yolk, spilling out over Rin’s thumb. They didn’t have to show him sucking it off his hand in a very suggestive way. They didn’t have to do those things, but they did, and so I would personally like to say thank you to the entire team working on the show. I would also like to make this sandwich to see if the egg drip is possible, if we could recreate it, and if the sandwich was any good.


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