Crunchyroll #97: Double Berry Crepe from “Comic Girls”

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Crepes hold a magic place in my heart, because in my family they were always a fancy breakfast food. Once a week, my mom would go all out and make us a great weekend breakfast. Bacon, sausage, fruit – you name it, we had it. And the star? Her famous tiger-stripe crepes. I can still see and smell the pat of butter sizzling in the pan, and the first ladle of batter swirling around the pan. The first crepe was always a trash crepe – too small, a little burned – but the rest would always come out with golden brown butter stripes in perfectly thin discs. They were the star of the table, and I would happily down them.


So, when Kaos from Comic Girls got excited about her first crepe, I could totally relate. If you haven’t seen this show, it has been an absolute treasure of anime this past season. It manages to be about cute girls doing cute things, but in a way that’s somehow refreshing and new, as it follows a main character who is trying to become a manga artist. There’s something endearing about the fact that the main character is good at almost nothing she tries to do, or, at least, that’s what she thinks. She is flabbergasted by simple things, and cowed by even the most basic tasks of her trade, yet we can’t help but love little Kaos-chan. One of her moments of awe is her first chance at eating crepes. Specifically, this double berry crepe.


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