Crunchyroll #79: Cheesecake from CCS Clear Card Arc

Learn how to make it here!

It’s no secret that Cardcaptor Sakura is one of my favorite series, so of course when I saw this cheesecake being made by Sakura, Kero, and Tomoyo, I knew I had to give it a try. I mean, they even gave us the recipe in the anime- how could I resist? First step…get someone to translate this for me.

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Pancakes from Card Captor Sakura


Card Captor Sakura, the manga of my youth. I used to spend all my allowance money on the manga from this series. In fact, it’s the only collection of manga I own that is complete. Clocking in at twelve volumes total, it’s not as big as some manga series, but as a kid, it was my absolute favorite. I loved it! Sakura always looked so cute, and was so cool as she recaptured the Clow cards. CLAMP is amazing in general and Sakura + Syaoran? My original OTP, let’s be real.

Funnily enough, pancakes, one of Sakura’s favorite food, are well loved in Japan in general. There are whole restaurants dedicated to the food (not unlike America, if we’re being honest…), and it’s seen as more of a snack food than a breakfast food. I was always amazed when I was little that Sakura could just make pancakes at home to snack on, because here in America it’s not really common to eat them besides at breakfast.

But, my life has been difficult lately, so I needed some breakfast for dinner, which is exactly what I made this pancakes for. They were delicious, easy to throw together on a weeknight, and very….not perfectly browned. It turns out I’m not a great pancake maker. I either burn them, or cook them at such a low temperature that they don’t really brown up at all. I couldn’t find a happy medium! So mine don’t look as amazing as they do in CCS, but man, I tried. At the very least, you can follow the recipe and give it a shot yourself- hopefully if you can make them nice and brown looking, you can share your secret with me so I can improve my pancake game. Let’s get to the recipe!


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