Cucumber Miso Don from Barakamon

I’m back! Spring has sprung here in California. It’s sunny outside, gorgeous 75 degree weather, and bird and bees are busy amidst the flowers. I’ve finished my big teacher test, I’ve had some time to rest and recuperate, and I’m ready to get back to this blog. I’ve missed it a lot!

What better thing to talk about than the humble cucumber miso don? This is a pretty traditional summer Japanese dish, because cucumbers are in season, miso is easy to find, and the combination of the two is slightly sweet, slightly salty, cool, cruncy, and refreshing. The perfect thing to eat on a hot, humid summer day!

When I first saw this on Barakamon, I was instantly intrigued. It seemed so simply and yet so delicious, but the way Seishuu made it was a bit…hmmmm…well a bit rough, for lack of a better word. Chunks of un dissolved miso, hunks of cucumber. It was rough, but nonetheless  I was intrigued. So, when the warm weather rolled in here, I was searching for a healthy and easy dish to make and this dish came to mind! Let’s get started. 🙂


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